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Every year at our annual awards dinner we honor both a Law Enforcement Officer who has demonstrated exemplary performance, and a private citizen who has contributed greatly to the Irish community.
          The following is a list of those we recognized as Officer of the Year or  Citizen of the Year, or Lifetime Achievement Award

Officer of the Year Honorees

2000: Officer Ian Furminger, SFPD
2001: Lieutenant John Carlin, SFPD
2002: Undersheriff Dick Lonergan, Napa County
2003: Sergeant Joe Currie, SFPD
2004: Officer Chris Cunnie, SFPD
2005: Sergeant Joe McKenna, SFPD
2006: Officer Jimmy Beere, Oakland PD
2007: Inspector Bob McMillan, SFPD
2008: Captain Tom Redmond, SFSD
2009: Lieutenant Harry Pearson, SFPD
2010: Sergeant John Hallisy, SFPD
2011: Sergeant Gerry D’Arcy, SFPD
2012: Sergeant/Inspector Gary Delagnes, SFPD
2103: Commander Joseph Garrity, SFPD                                2014: Sergeant Tom Maguire, SFPD
                                          2015: Sergeant Daniel Manning, SFPD                                    2016: Officer Michael Tursi, SFPD                                              2017: Officer Kevin Downs, SFPD                                              2018: Sergeant Kevin Healy, SFPD                                            2019: Officer Susan Rolovich, SFPD                                          2021: Officer Andrew Clifford, SFPD                                        2022: Commander Rachel Moran, SFPD                                  2023: Officer Sean Cody, SFPD

Citizen of the Year Honorees
1999: Bud Peterson RIP
2000: Regina Bucher RIP
2001: Mary Dunleavy Cassidy
2002: John Moylan
2003: Redmond Lyons
2004: JC and Rita Mahoney
2005: Tom Hunt
2006: Joe O’Donoghue
2007: JJ and Vera Whelan
2008: Jim Fogerty
2009: Pat Uniacke
2010: Paul Cummins
2011: Leo Cassidy
2012: Martin Falvey
2013: Jerry Cassidy                                                                               2014: William Roger Gargano                                                         2015: Celine Kennely                                                                                  2016: Martin Connelly                                                                             2017: James Collins                                                                                   2018: Brian Sheehy
                                                                                   2019: Sean Canniffe                                                                                    2021: Josephine Brogan                                                                            2022: Paul O'Driscoll                                                                                2023: Kathy Grogan  

Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

2013 Officer Thomas Cunnane (SFPD_ret)

2014 Captain Mike "Bugsy" Moran (SFPD_ret)

2016 Captain Michael Puccinelli (SFPD_ret)

2018 Sergeant Marty Lalor (SFPD_ret)  

2019 Sergeant Marty Halloran (SFPD_ret)

2021 Sergeant Joseph McCloskey (SFPD_ret)

2022 Officer Nick Shihadeh (SFPD_ret)

2023 Inspector John Keane (SFPD)

In 2013 The San Francisco Bay Area Law Enforcement Emerald Society presented for the first time a 
Memorial Award to Sgt. John MacAulay's mother in memory of his selfless service to the community.


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